The last in this set of Bergen Buildings, as you can see the further we traveled out of town the more rundown the buildings became, still great colours, but this one is more rust and flaking paint, sits in well with the landscape though.

15 comments on “Rundown

  1. I think that the rust and patches in the roof add character and interest to the scene. Well seen and captured.


  2. I agree with Len, I like the look of it, a really nice photo.


  3. The light is beautiful in this shot. Nicely done.


  4. I love this Mark. Very well captured and processed.


  5. colorful and nice light 🙂


  6. Wonderful photograph and great composition!


  7. What a grand old building that is. And how imaginative to patch the roof in different colours! Beautiful light


  8. There is a romance about the sea and ships that you capture in a marvelous and very Joseph Conrad way. My kitchen window faces West to the Fraser River. The ocean going vessels on their way to and from the ocean appear to be sailing through fields. The sight never fails to stop me in my tracks. I watch them until they disappear from sight. Virginia


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