Bergen Buildings

Follow on from yesterdays post, more of the old style buildings we pass as we head out to sea. The sun was getting low and lit up these two building nicely, I’m so glad the Norwegians like these bright earthy colours, they go so well with the surrounding countryside.

19 comments on “Bergen Buildings

  1. The colors are so beautiful and soothing. What a great place. Lovely shot.


  2. Rich McPeek

    Very cool! Love the composition here!


  3. It is such a wonderfully colourful country, all that green and blue and then these lovely painted wooden houses. Very attractive.


  4. Very nicely composed. Love the soft light on the buildings


  5. Very nicely composed. Love the soft light on the front of the buildings


  6. I really like the warm colours of those buildings.


  7. lots of color, nice. But, where are all the people?


  8. Would it be disrespectful to say the buildings remind me of Lego houses? Very colourful, wish we had that here instead of the monotony you often see.


  9. I love the look of this photograph! Colors are wonderful and again it has this minature village look to me which I love.


  10. Great colors!


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