Jubilee Day

This is my take on yesterdays Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, grey, dull with a splash of colour. Why? you may ask. Because of the good old British weather. I looked out the window in the morning and said to myself  “What a shame the weather has been so nice for the last couple of weeks” and then I watched the celebrations on the telly. What I should of done, like hundreds of thousands of other people was, grabbed my wellies, my coat, my hat and camera and headed down to the Thames and joined in the celebrations, had fun, had a hotdog and got wet. Thats the British spirit, that’s what put the Great in Great Britain. So who had the most fun yesterday, well everyone but me. So next time, don’t be like me, get out there and do it and be proud when you say I was there”.

15 comments on “Jubilee Day

  1. Adam Allegro

    Great mix of color and dullness. Love these types of shots. Nice work.


  2. The celebrations dominated the TV yesterday here in Canada. It was quite soggy but you guys certainly know how to put on a show.


  3. Great abstract. Like the composition very much.


  4. Rich McPeek

    Terrific shot! Love the DoF here!


  5. A wonderful image! I too love how you blurred out much of the image.


  6. Beautiful abstract!


  7. Nice colds and great selective focus


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