Prom Night

Friday night was my Son’s prom night. His all boy’s school joined up with the neighbouring all girls school for this one off get together. We couldn’t let them catch a bus or have mum or dad drop them off, can you image that, so we got them a Stretched Limo from Twin Wheels Limousine so they could arrive in style.

Here they are getting ready to leave, they look like something out of Ocean’s 11!

All smiles, must be the thought of the all girls waiting for them!.

A great night was had by all. A big thank you goes to all the staff that helped make the night such a memorable one!

12 comments on “Prom Night

  1. Gillian

    Wow those boys look really cool. I hope they’ve seen the photos, I’m sure they’d be pleased. A nice souvenir for them and their parents.


  2. Very handsome boys.


  3. Very cool dudes, your son is one snappy dresser, like a young Paul Weller. I really like the second photo.


  4. T.J. Powell

    Looks lie a great group of friends.


  5. Graham Harper

    Sharp dressers! Takes me back to a similar event 52 years ago. Nice to know certain things in life don’t change.


  6. Wonderful portrait of prom night!


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