Washed Up

Back in Aasiaat which is located on an island in the outermost southern part of Disko Bay in a very beautiful archipelago area and it is often referred to as “the land of a thousand islands”. I only counted 984, but may have missed a couple.

I spotted this old fishing boat next to the rusty drums and liked the colours, I don’t know weather the boat is still used but did notice it’s still tied to a mooring, maybe thats just incase there is a very high tide.


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9 comments on “Washed Up

  1. Love your postings from Greenland – Please take a look at our facebook site.

    Hope you accept / like the way we used your picture called “50 years later in Greenland….”

    Best Regards / Med venlig hilsen
    Mads Nordlund, Redaktor / Editor – Worldwide Magazine
    Oerestads Boulevard 59B, L.417
    DK-2300 Copenhagen S
    Cell/mobil +45 4085 8855


  2. Dear Rigmover, I checked the posting in the Greenlandtoday FB page. It’s fantastic that they’ve used your photo but your original caption was waaaayyyy funnier 🙂


  3. Wonderfully composed and processed Mark. Excellent shot.


  4. Another great shot!


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