Like Ships Passing…………

I was going to say “Like Ships Passing in the Night” but this is Greenland, in the middle of summer, so there was no night!

After spending a month on a boat towing icebergs you would think I would of had enough of ships/water anything to do with the sea, but no, I never will. I was brought up with the sea at my door step (well very close) and it was the first thing I would see when I woke, now I live in London and the only time I get to see the sea is when I’m working, thats why I love my job.

11 comments on “Like Ships Passing…………

  1. Heat shot Mark. I really like the way it’s composed.


  2. Incredibly brilliant. The contrast of the blues and purples put another world spin on this photograph of passing ships. Virginia


  3. Great shot. I know what you mean, I never tire of the sea either. Ideally, I’d like to go offshore and just enjoy being there, without the work aspect! It’s a great place to work though, the briny.


  4. I love the sea (sea-food not so much, though), and will be sure to follow your blog. Do you remember what ship this was in your photograph? Doesn’t look your average type ocean liner, what with the sails etc. Nice, how all the reflections play on the water


    • Hi Shadedfaces, glad you like the photo, the Boats name is Wanderbird, it’s a pleasure craft, only 22m long and from the USA.


  5. Rich McPeek

    Very cool shot Mark! Great composition!


  6. Really great shot!


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