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On Tow

Keeping up my transportation theme, here’s a shot of an AHV (Anchor Handing Vessel) towing a rig into Invergordon. Invergordon is where rig’s go to die. A lot of the rig’s in the North Sea are very old, some around 40 years old, and this is where most of them will end up, stripped, cut up and crushed. See my other post.

These aren’t just big hunk’s of metal, these have been second homes to a lot of good, hard working people, some have been on the same rig for all it’s life.

When we towed the J.W. McLean into Invergordon for the very last time, the death march was played over the loudspeaker system, the shore was lined with people (I might have imagined that bit) It was a sad time.

Here you can see a cruise ship carefully navigating it’s way between the condemned rig’s.

Some get stripped and just the leg’s are left behind.

15 comments on “On Tow

  1. I’ve watched these towings up at Cromarty, it’s an amazing sight. I love your photos.


  2. Laurie's Apron Strings

    I just love your photos! So peaceful.


  3. Gillian

    Great photos Mark, like the tonal values you’ve chosen. Interesting also the point you made about what these rigs mean to the men who have worked on them.


  4. Great shot Mark. Wonderful perspective. I love the ripples in the water it really does look like its doing its final march.


  5. Bon Photage

    Love the water reflection!


  6. The photographs and the story of these rigs stopped me in my tracks. Just a few words but they evoked such feelings of sadness and loss. Their time had come to an end. You captured this all beautifully and with grace. Virginia


  7. Very nice monochrome, mark.


  8. These little tugs never cease to amaze me with their hidden power and the skill of their captains (or are they pilots) when they are doing their jobs.


    • Yes Captains, and they are very skilled. When in a harbour like Invergordon we have a Pilot onboard the rig in charge, he tells the boats what to do.


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