Mirror Image

This is my Silly Sunday shot, silly because I had my camera setting all wrong, I hadn’t checked the setting, the IOS was set at 6400, don’t ask me why! I don’t know, so instead of the bin I tried running it through Snapseed and well, not bad. The moral of the story is don’t bin anything. And yes the birds are real.

5 comments on “Mirror Image

  1. The photograph has such a vintage feel – well done!


  2. Claire Cappetta

    I like it. It’s strangely effective! 😉


  3. That’s very true…glad you didn’t “trash” it. It’s an awesome shot and very well processed.


  4. This is a rather magical photograph. It feels like a very old painting. The colours on the water are so delicious looking. The bird in the left corner draws your eyes. Really buff. Cheers Virginia


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