Seal of Approval

Well it looks like summer is finally here in London and this is my seal of approval. (sorry). I just thought it was a cool photo. (there I go again).

Back in Greenland again, while towing an iceberg on a long (24 hours) summers day this fellow drifted past us. Now we have onboard an environmentalist, he is a local, an Inuit and it’s our duty to report to him whenever we see any wildlife, so I called him, and up to the bridge he came, we stepped out onto the deck and I pointed out the iceberg with the seal on it, he then made some notes. Out of interest I asked him what type of Seal it was and his reply was “dunno but good eating“. I think he was joking, he knew what type of seal it was.

12 comments on “Seal of Approval

  1. Why is it, that I only ever see turds floating past my boats?


  2. I am thoroughly enjoying this blog. Being a pun nut, I shared a link to this post on my FB page here:

    Great travel stories and photos. Thanks 🙂


  3. Very cool Mark. What an adventure you live.


  4. What a great shot! Love it!


  5. Gillian

    Lovely contrast between the water and the ice and the seal is not bad either! Note to self, avoid swimming in the waters that John passes thru!!!!


  6. What a fantastic shot. How could anyone eat such an adorable creature? I believe they eat the liver raw, straight out of the seal while it’s still warm. Packed with iron, but eugh!


  7. I love this shot!


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  10. Stunning!!!


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