Farvel Florø

That’s good bye in Norwegian incase you thought it was a spelling mistake. Leaving Florø behind and the North sea ahead we pass one more house that stood out, well stood on top of a large rock might describe it better. These crazy Norwegian’s will live anywhere. But I’m glad they do because this is a functioning lighthouse right in the middle of the shipping lane. The guy in the boat circled it a few times, maybe to let the occupants know he was there or maybe like us just fascinated with the structure.

And yes I’ve changed my theme again, I didn’t think my photo’s were big enough, hope you like. Remember you can click an image to see it full size, but you shouldn’t need to now.

And the follow me button is now on the left.

9 comments on “Farvel Florø

  1. myallegro31

    Awesome work buddy. This is such a cool place to live! I am amazed where some poeple will live…


  2. Wow what a place. I guess you have to be careful when stepping out to get the paper. Awesome shot and I really like the new theme Mark.


  3. Looks like a great place to live. Nice view!


  4. Your header — and the picture in this post — are stunning. Landscape pictures such as this one, that clearly show the size and girth of the Earth in which we live, always remind me that I exist largely only in my head. There is a whole world out there; places, people, and things beyond my wildest imaginations.

    ~ Blessings,


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