Old City 2

Here is the second instalment from the Old City, I did warn you! Again, all processed with Snapseed .

The guy on the right is thinking ‘bloody tourist’ as after jogging down the hill I suddenly stopped, turned, took the shot and then ran on.

The ramps are for easy access, the person in the wheelchair lives half way up the hill, the person on the Unicycle lives at the top.

Another inside market, you see the numbers attached to the lights, thats their pitch marking. You do not want to setup in the wrong place like the guy on the left.

This is the Old Imperial Hotel. Built just inside Jaffa Gate, one of the entrances to the Old City. The new Imperial Hotel is on the other side of the gate.

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6 comments on “Old City 2

  1. These images are bringing back lots of memories. great shots.


  2. Beautiful, classic looking images. Nice job!.


  3. Nicely seen, and cool processing.


  4. I absolutely love that last shot: amazing!!


  5. I really like the processing of this series of photographs. It fits the topic well! I realized this morning I hadn’t seen any of your posts in my email. Silly me turned off the notification in wordpress by mistake. I missed your photos!


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