Old City 1

Back in Jerusalem and walking through the Old City, we had a taxi driver as our guide and I think he thought that the more he showed us the bigger the tip. We didn’t stop, we ran here, we ran there, and taking photo’s was next to impossible. That is why todays pic’s are processed with Snapseed . Not only is Snapseed a great bit of software for your iPad and iPhone you can now get it for your Mac, it’s so easy to use and it hides any imperfections from taking photo’s on the run. (well thats my excuse). This is a series of Old City photo’s, there will be more tomorrow, You’ve been warned.

This photo was very busy on both sides with rubbish bins and motorbikes, cropping it just wasn’t enough.

This one I took on the run, it was quite dark inside, Snapseed really enhanced the celling and hides the fact it’s slightly out of focus.

Not much processing in this one, just a tint and a large frame. (best looked at on a dark background)

I know this won’t be to everybody’s taste, either way let me know what you think.

7 comments on “Old City 1

  1. Terrific captures Mark. I really like the last one. Snapseed is an awesome app. I use it with my iPhone and iPad especially when I’m travelling and don’t have my computer with me. I haven’t download the computer app yet.


  2. Gillian

    They’re great. You have a real instinct when it comes to capturing people in your images. They have a stillness that is interesting.


  3. Graham Harper

    I’ve recently signed up. Have been most interested to see what your “nine till five” job is except that those hours I suspect are quite elastic! I reckon you’ve captured a bit of real life with those Jerusalem pics.


  4. Nicely captured!


  5. Your style of capturing the old city is indeed lovely and interesting. I really enjoy your photos!


  6. Photographs that are so gritty and fascinating you have captured the life and soul of this old city. Truly wonderful. Virginia


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