According to Christian tradition, this is the upper room in which Jesus and his disciples conducted the passover meal the ‘Last Supper’. The name of the hall-Coenaculum- comes from the latin word for dining room. The room of the last Supper was part of the ‘Holy Zion’ Church built in 390 C.E., and the Crusader church constructed on it’s ruins in the 12th Century. The room in it’s current shape was formed in the 14th Century and it preserves architectural and sculptural elements from the Crisader period. During the Ottoman rule it was converted into a mosque. The prayer niche (‘Mihrab’), dedicated to King David, was carved into the wall. (behind the Cat)

I processed this with Silver Efex Pro and also had to remove somebody from the far corner, which I’m not very good at. Hope you enjoy and please leave comments and/or suggestions.

4 comments on “Coenaculum

  1. Wow fantastic shot Mark and beautifully processed.


  2. Beautiful shot! This really resonates with me!


  3. Mark, I like the shooting angle and the processing.


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