the heat is on

Hope you all had a great weekend, I spent Saturday traveling with my wife, We jumped in the car and drove all the way to………… our local garden centre. Why you may ask? To buy plants? To look at water sculptors? No! We were there for the Weber BBQ roadshow. Now I’m a Kiwi and we live on BBQ’s and I think if you are going to get a BBQ get a Weber, just my personal choice. So anyway Weber turn up in this amazing Airstream all kitted out and ready to go, Just plug in the gas.

Dan their talented chef was very informative, friendly and clearly skilled.

We got there just as the free tasting started (pure fluke honest) First out was Cedar-Planked Cod with Coriander (Fish baked on a piece of wood) which was really nice. Then came Chorizo, chickpea and roast garlic stew, cooked in a Wok. Next up was a strange one, Beer can Chicken, You open a can of beer, take sip, place it in a specially designed stand and then place the chicken over the top of the can, great taste, at this stage I didn’t think it could get any better until the Butterfly leg of lamb with black cherry glaze appeared, that was to die for. After a short break pizza’s were made and I’m sure some desserts, but we had had enough. After checking out the large display of BBQ’s and accessory’s and parting with some ££££’s we squeezed our new BBQ into the car and headed home. All in all a great day out and worth a visit, check out the web site and see where they will be next time.

There is also a great app for your iPad.

The great thing about the Airstream was if you couldn’t see what was going on, look up at the celling.

Dan the Man

Kitted out nicely

Great setup

All photo’s from my iPhone, Enjoy.

5 comments on “the heat is on

  1. myallegro31

    Awesome. Just reading this was making my mouth water 🙂


  2. So you had loads to eat but left lighter! ( in your pockett!). Amazing Airstream.


  3. Terrific shots. My husband would have loved this.


  4. Gillian

    Yes but does it explode when you throw a soya sausage on?


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