Ice Watching

What an eventful day yesterday, there I was all suited up in my survival gear waiting for our chopper to arrive, then we heard it was delayed (which happens) then we heard why. A helicopter has gone down. Hearing that hits you right in the gut, memories of 2009 come back when 16 people lost there live’s going home on a chopper. Then the news came in it had ditched and all 14 onboard were in a life raft, our chopper was the first on the scene and keeping an eye on until help arrived. Phew! All 14 were back on dry land later that day, well done to all involved in the rescue.

So what has this got to do with todays photo I hear you say? Not a lot really, its just this is my all time favourite photo and wanted to share, their might come a day when I can’t post.

11 comments on “Ice Watching

  1. Awesome capture of an iceberg!


  2. I’m so glad everyone was ok. Wonderful image. I can see why it’s a favorite.


  3. Indeed, a wonderful shot! Such a great blend of colors.


  4. Shaz Shafi

    Stunning photo Mark, one to be proud of!


  5. Another great shot Mark! I am glad everyone is okay. You keep safe! I want to keep seeing your photos!


  6. myallegro31

    Really cool. Seems like an interesting, exciting job!


  7. It is a great photo 🙂


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