North Sea

Bird Life

That was the shortest rigmove I’ve done in a long time, keeps the client happy though. It’s a great feeling to finish a job, all anchors down, in the correct position, and no one got hurt, well except from me when I got a paper cut from printing my expenses.
I’ll be on a helicopter soon flying back to Aberdeen, then a plane back to London, so thought it was only right to post this photo I took last year of this guy who could tell us a bit about flying. This was taken with my point and shoot, which just goes to prove the saying “the best camera is the camera you have with you”


Footnote: There has been a Helicopter crash in the North Sea, all 14 onboard are ok we think, the chopper I was suppose to be on is helping with the rescue effort.
Looks like all choppers have now been grounded.

5 comments on “Bird Life

  1. myallegro31

    Awesome shot! And even more impressive it was with a P&S!


  2. I’d say that’s pretty good for a P&S but really the saying should be “it’s not the camera but the photographer.” 🙂


  3. Wow! I can’t take a clear shot of a bird with a 300mm on my camera!


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