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Rolling Fog

After being onboard for nearly a month two of our guys were ready to go home, the weather had been great for weeks with not a cloud in the sky, but with bags packed we stood on the bridge and watched as this wall of fog came rolling in. The idea was to transfer the guys to the rig and then they would be choppered off, this was not going to happen now. With all chopper’s being grounded for 3 days it was back to the cabins and unpacking, it’s something you get used to in this business and everyone is pretty cool about it.

This photo was one of six I had published in Greenland Today magazine. Issue 14 if you are interested.

Three days later and the guys were transferred to the rig, boarded the chopper and were on their way home.

4 comments on “Rolling Fog

  1. Love that first shot. Great capture.


  2. myallegro31

    That top photo is absolutely fantastic! Nice work and great timing. I love seeing unique views like this.


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