Western Wall

I was in Israel 2 months ago as part of a 4 man team to move a rig, we were based in Haifa and found out we had a day to ourselves so decided to hire a taxi and make our way to Jerusalem. Two hours later we were rushing though the market streets with our driver leading the way, after a quick security check we were lead into bright sunlight and in front of us was the Western Wall. The holiest site in judaism. Located in the old city, it sits on top of the Temple Mount. There is a tradition that Jews adhere to when visiting the Western Wall, prayers or notes are written on pieces of paper and pushed into cracks in the wall, its like giving them a direct line to the Big Man himself. (you can see this in the cracks at the bottom of the photo)

4 comments on “Western Wall

  1. myallegro31

    Nice shot! I have a note in there I left last year for my Grandfather. 🙂


    • Thanks Adam, I would of liked to leave a note for my parents but couldn’t get close enough, as normal with my tourist/work visits, its always a rush.


  2. The Western Wall is quite a sight to see. It’s very moving. I was in Israel a couple is smers ago and it’s a beautiful country to see and photograph. Well done on this shot.


    • Thank you Edith, yes you are right, it is very moving, after this and the underground tour we moved onto the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, i’ll post a photo from there tomorrow.


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