Hanseatic Wharf

Todays photo’s is 240 miles south of Alesund but still in Norway, its Bergen, another colourful seaside city situated in a stunning fjord, and where i found a great Irish bar, but before I spent many hours sampling the Guinness I did have a wander around, I even managed to get up to the observation view point you can see top right of this photo, only this time I grabbed the cable car. Now some facts.

Bergen’s first buildings were erected along the old Hanseatic wharf, Bryggen, which has been a lively and important part of the city through the centuries. This site, which features on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, comprises the remains of the old harbour buildings and is one of the best known medieval city settlements in Norway.

The Hanseatic merchants dominated Bryggen for 400 years. The area has been ravaged by fire repeatedly. Walking through the narrow alleyways and dark external galleries is like travelling back in time. At Bryggen theHanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene, the Hanseatic assembly rooms, give an intimate picture of the life of a Hanseatic merchant.

5 comments on “Hanseatic Wharf

  1. Lovely! Some of my ancestors came from Norway and we made a very cold trip to Bergen several Christmases ago to meet them. Fond memories!


  2. myallegro31

    Great shot! Those colorful buildings are just splendid. Looks like a fantastic place to visit!


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