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Odense   6 comments

Spent a week in Denmark staying in what I thought was a small city, Odense. It is actually the third largest city in Denmark and is home to the largest shipyard, the biggest fruit, flower and vegetable market and the birth place of H.C. Andersen. The University of Southern Denmark is also here making the pubs and clubs full of students and very lively, (made me feel quite old). Its very pedestrianised but don’t walk in the bike lanes, they don’t take any prisoners.

Rolling Fog   4 comments

After being onboard for nearly a month two of our guys were ready to go home, the weather had been great for weeks with not a cloud in the sky, but with bags packed we stood on the bridge and watched as this wall of fog came rolling in. The idea was to transfer the guys to the rig and then they would be choppered off, this was not going to happen now. With all chopper’s being grounded for 3 days it was back to the cabins and unpacking, it’s something you get used to in this business and everyone is pretty cool about it.

This photo was one of six I had published in Greenland Today magazine. Issue 14 if you are interested.

Three days later and the guys were transferred to the rig, boarded the chopper and were on their way home.

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Industrial Beauty   2 comments

I’ve received a few e-mails from folk asking about “rigmover”. What do I do? Well as part of a small team we move and position rigs at sea. Once a rig has drilled a hole and successful or not the hole will be plugged and the rig will move off to drill another. There are two types of rigs we move, Semi-Submersible and Jack-up’s. Semi’s float on large pontoons and are held in place by 8 0r 12 large anchors, Jack-ups have long legs that lower or rise to place the hull of the rig in the water (for towing) or to lift the hull out of the water for drilling operations.

This was my very first rig move and one of my first photo’s taken on the job, We are under tow as we pass a platform with a Jack-up along side it (Jack-up is on the right). I will start posting more work photo’s, I need to remind myself, if it wasn’t for my job I wouldn’t be able to travel so much.

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Basilica 2   Leave a comment


Last couple from Jerusalem for now.  Although it was very busy and dark inside the Basilica I think I did ok capturing the dome of the rotunda in all its charm. It’s times like this I wish I carried a tripod.

Inside “The Tomb of Christ” this is at the head end of the tomb.


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Basilica   6 comments

Just a short walk from the Western Wall is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, also called the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre and a few other names, inside is the slab on which Jesus was laid after he was crucified, (placing my hand on it sure made the hair on the back of my neck standup),  also the Sepulchre which is said to be the place Jesus was buried. I took a few shots of the Sepulchre (which is allowed) but they are quite grainy, I might post them at a later date. 

For the observant viewer you may have noticed a small ladder perched by the upper window, I overheard part of a story about that ladder and why it is still there, something about a repair job and no one could make up their mind who should do the work, hence it is still there. A bit like my jobs around the house!. If anyone knows the story please let me know and I’ll post about it later. Thanks.

Western Wall   4 comments

I was in Israel 2 months ago as part of a 4 man team to move a rig, we were based in Haifa and found out we had a day to ourselves so decided to hire a taxi and make our way to Jerusalem. Two hours later we were rushing though the market streets with our driver leading the way, after a quick security check we were lead into bright sunlight and in front of us was the Western Wall. The holiest site in judaism. Located in the old city, it sits on top of the Temple Mount. There is a tradition that Jews adhere to when visiting the Western Wall, prayers or notes are written on pieces of paper and pushed into cracks in the wall, its like giving them a direct line to the Big Man himself. (you can see this in the cracks at the bottom of the photo)

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Hanseatic Wharf 2   4 comments

Still in Bergen, and still at the very old Hanseatic Wharf, this old building caught my eye, its wedged between two rows of colourful 3 floored terraced shops and restaurants, seemed a bit out of place, but looking at it, its properly 100 years older than the other building, if thats possible. As this building had no paint and was quite bland I decided to adjust it using my demo of  Silver Efex Pro 2 , I’m still new to the software but find it very easy to use with great effects. Any suggestions or comments welcome.

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Hanseatic Wharf   5 comments

Todays photo’s is 240 miles south of Alesund but still in Norway, its Bergen, another colourful seaside city situated in a stunning fjord, and where i found a great Irish bar, but before i spent many hours sampling the Guinness I did have a wander around, I even managed to get up to the observation view point you can see top right of the photo, only this time I grabbed the cable car. Now some facts.

Bergen’s first buildings were erected along the old Hanseatic wharf, Bryggen, which has been a lively and important part of the city through the centuries. This site, which features on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, comprises the remains of the old harbour buildings and is one of the best known medieval city settlements in Norway.

The Hanseatic merchants dominated Bryggen for 400 years. The area has been ravaged by fire repeatedly. Walking through the narrow alleyways and dark external galleries is like travelling back in time. At Bryggen theHanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene, the Hanseatic assembly rooms, give an intimate picture of the life of a Hanseatic merchant.

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Alesund   1 comment

Still in Alesund, Norway. Almost all Norwegian cities I have been to have an observation view point overlooking the city and Alesund is no exception, so I grabbed my camera, a couple of banana’s from the gallery and headed out for the climb, this shot was taken about half way up the mountain (large hill, but mountain sounds better) Quite typical for a northern Norwegian city, packed tight together and very colourful. Hope you enjoy.

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Stunning Fjord   6 comments

Last year I worked on a gigantic project known as the Ormen Lange Project. We were working 75 miles off the coast of Norway smoothing out the seabed 900 meters below us, near the end of our part of the job the weather came up and we had to pull up the tool (which takes 12 hours) and run for shelter. We ended up in Alesund, a city like so many in Norway situated in the stunning fjords, this was a shot I took off the bridge of our boat.

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